The Waiting Game, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Final book I read this weekend (I'm getting soooo lazy, this is Wednesday and I'm still catching up!): yet another JAK (are you getting sick of me writing about her books or what?). This one's an oldie, from 1985 (when I was starting 2nd grade in school), and it was part of a series Harlequin did at the time featuring 50 books, each set in a different US state. This one, The Waiting Game, is set in the state of Washington (well, who are you going to get to write a book set in Seattle and its environs if not JAK?). If all the books in this series give you such a good sense of place as this one, I'll seriously consider tracking them down.

Sara Fraser has decided to ditch her trendy life-style and go in search of the black sheep of her family, her mysterious Uncle Lowell Kincaid. But Uncle Lowell has gone missing, and that means finding Adrian Saville, a recluse Kincaid had once told her to contact if anything should ever happen to him.

As Sara and Adrian work together to close in on the stalker they discover is tracking her uncle and his elusive cache of gold, the tables suddenly turn, and Sara finds herself hunted as well as hunter. Protection flames to passion as danger escalates for Sara, for Adrian and for a renegade agent, code named "Wolf.

Apart from the cool tour guide stuff, this one was pretty average, just a nice B. The heroine was a bit silly, but definitely NOT tstl (too stupid to live). She did get into a dangerous situation, but she did this by obeying Adrian's exact instructions. The only element that I found remarkable and enjoyed was Adrian's worry that Sara was going to reject him when she found out he was the "Wolf". Apart from that, just a nice book.

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