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>> Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hello again! I'm back in snowy Helsinki after a very relaxing holiday in Uruguay. A bit of a shock to the system, but I'm still at the honeymoon stage where ploughing through a foot of snow on the way to work (because the usually extremely efficient snowploughs are overwhelmed) is fun and not annoying :)

My holiday was the usual, lots of time with family, lots of walking (usually listening to audiobooks) and lots of sitting in the shade by the pool reading. This year I also incorporated a bit of wine tourism and visited a couple of vineyards. This wasn't really a thing when I left over 10 years ago, but in the interim, Uruguay has developed into quite a good wine destination.

Anyway, on the reading: as usual, I read a tonne of books, including some really good ones. Best were Paladin of Souls (a reread), the new Robert Galbraith and the latest Becky Chambers. Very different books, but all amazing. Helen's Hoang's The Kiss Quotient was also wonderful and lived up to the hype. The big surprise of the holiday was a non fiction book about container shipping, of all topics! That was Deep Sea and Foreign Going (titled Ninety Percent of Everything in the US), by Rose George. It was a surprisingly fun read.

Here's everything I read:


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