>> Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Seduction did get better, though it'll never be my favourite Quick. I'd rate it a B.

It had many interesting elements, like Sophy succeeding in making Julian see that she had as much right to her honour as any man (I loved the duel between her and Charlotte Featherstone!), but I'm not too fond of the story-line of the heroine in love with the hero from the beginning and trying to make him fall in love with her. Plus, here, I never really saw why Sophy fell in love with Julian. She never spoke to him, or anything. She just saw him from afar and danced with him once, hardly enough for an enduring love. Just a crush, as far as I'm concerned, but we never get to see Sophy realizing it was just that and that what she's feeling now is love.

A further problem for me was, as I mentioned before, the jerk of a hero, who sees nothing wrong in doing exactly what he's promised his wife he won't do. The evil first wife is a cliché, and I hate it when heroes use it as an excuse to treat other women badly. Julian does improve, but I never really liked him.

I was intrigued by the potential secondary storyline between Anne Silverthorne, Sophy's friend, and Julian's friend (whose name I can't remember). I know JAK doesn't do 2ndary stories (at least, I don't remember ever reading any), but if lays the groundwork for one, she should follow through. Maybe she was setting up another book, but she never did write it.


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