Unnatural Causes, by PD James

>> Thursday, April 03, 2003

I finally finished the PD James mystery I'd been reading since last Saturday. This one was one of the earlier Dalgliesh books, Unnatural Causes

A famous mystery writer is found dead at the bottom of a dinghy, with both hands chopped off at the wrists. Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh, with help from his remarkable Aunt Jane, must discover who typed the writer's death sentence before the plot takes another murderous turn.
I enjoyed this one more than the others I've reread this year. It was a B+. The atmosphere was superb, and the mystery fascinating. Best part: the resolution was believable and not anticlimatic, for a change!

Dalgliesh was better here than in other books, but yep, he's still irritating. I must be a bad person, but my reaction when he receives a letter from his girlfriend saying she's dumping him was "Serves you right, you idiot!"

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