The Nine Tailors, by Dorothy L Sayers

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I've now finished # 9 in Dorothy L. Sayers's Wimsey series: The Nine Tailors. I'm very anxious to get to the next one, where I know the Harriet-Peter relationship will finally go somewhere, but I'm planning to save it for a plane trip in April - if I can resist!

When a disfigured corpse is discovered in a country parish, the local rector pleads with Lord Peter to take on what will become one of his most brilliant and complicated cases
This was a fascinating book. It wasn't the one I enjoyed the most, but I think it might easily be the best of all the series, for the sense of place and atmosphere, at least. Still, I'm grading for my enjoyment, so I'll give it a B+.

Such a dark, moody book! Like most of Sayers' books, The Nine Tailors gave me a glimpse of a world I knew very little about, this time a small town in the Fens, its church and bells. Fascinating, every word of it, though a lot about bell ringing (or was it change ringing?) went right over my head.

Unfortunately, I remembered the way the victim had died, from the last time I'd read the book, some 10 years ago, so I had this knowlege present in my mind the entire time, which meant some less suspense for me (only some, because I remembered nothing more than the method). This didn't ruin my enjoyment, or anything, but well, I always prefer to remember nothing, in mysteries.

And BTW, any Sayers fans reading this should seriously consider joining the LordPeter discussion group at Yahoo!. They are reading a book a month (Strong Poison, in March), and the discussions are wonderfully enlightening. I hope that when the time comes to discuss The Nine Tailors, I'll be finally able to understand about bell-ringing! ;-)


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