Legacy, by Jayne Anne Krentz

>> Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I didn't really feel like reading much last Saturday, but I had an appointment at the hairstylist's, so I really did need a book... yep, magazine selection in beauty salons is probably the same (i.e. sucky) all over the world ;-) So I decided to just grab a Jayne Anne Krentz book at random from my TBR pile. The chosen book was Legacy, a 1985 Harlequin Intrigue.

"Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly...

Honor Mayfield didn't know it yet, but she was about to walk into a trap. She thought that her chance meeting with Conn Landry was a fortunate stroke of luck, but actually Conn had planned to lure Honor into his web for a very long time.

As a member of the thoroughbred horse-racing industry in California, Conn was well respected. But Honor was about to discover the true man under the cool exterior. A piece of her past was linked to Conn, and he wanted revenge. She hoped that it was not too late! Only Honor would be able to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle.
It was a nice enough book to read while waiting for my turn, but it was ultimately pretty forgettable. I mean, I actually have trouble recalling much detail about it now! A B-.

On the bright side, the hero was not horribly dominating, a plus in those old JAK, where you never know if you're going to get a nice guy or a jerk (like those in books like Battle Prize and Golden Goddess, for instance). Sure, he was a bit overbearing and fond of giving orders, but that's something you've got to expect in an 80s series book, right? The heroine was basically ok, not too much of a doormat, either, so I was actually rooting for these two instead of wanting to scream at the heroine to run for her life.

On the negative side, well, of course, the suspense subplot. Telegraphed miles before it happened....

The book was quite a bit dated, and I'm not just talking about the hero's attitudes. My sister was with me at the beauty salon, and we had quite a few laughs when I'd share with her the descriptions of the clothes the characters were wearing. Veeery 80s ;-) That was superficial, though. In other aspects, there were some dated elements, too... some sexism, for instance, but it was basically readable.

So, to summarize, nothing too remarkable either way.


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