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>> Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ooooh, Màili's just posted a really fun exercise in creative writing thingie. The one with books will have to work until I get home, but I can do the blog version from right here.

1. Blog 1 - first sentence of the latest blog entry
2. Blog 2 - second last sentence of the earliest blog entry on the front page
3. Blog 3 - last sentence of the first blog entry of the entire blog
4. Blog 4 - third sentence of the third blog entry on the front page
Then, click on the last link of the Blog Links sidebar at Blog 4. If there isn't one, do this with Blog 3
5. Blog 5 - last sentence of the latest blog entry
6. Put all together to create a paragraph out of all that
7. Post it to your blog along with links to all blogs that you used here.

Here are my results. Maru, I took the liberty of translating yours. Please don't stick me in the Shitty Translation Corner!

I've long been told you can't have a discussion with me. If this is happening on our staff, I imagine it's also happening in the rest of the romance-reading world. If not - ach, well, at least I tried. :) The purse is probably in a garbage can somewhere while the money is pocketed by whoever found it. Of course, there are still 100 pages to go....

Blog 1: Basket Case
Blog 2: Laurie Likes Books' Blog
Blog 3: McVane
Blog 4: Mad's House
Blog 5: The Misadventures of Super_Librarian

Sounds... weird?


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