Cry No More - my sister's early impressions

>> Wednesday, November 24, 2004

My sister has recently started Cry No More, after I nagged her half to death ;-) She doesn't read any reviews or synopsis before starting a book, not even the back cover blurb, so it was interesting to hear her thoughts, her ideas about what was going on, after the first few pages.

Right now she's read about 50 pages, up to right after the scene at the Mexican cemetery, in which Milla first runs into Diaz. For some reason, she's firmly convinced that the hero of the book is Milla's first husband, David, and that it was he back there, keeping Milla from getting killed. "A-ha, only a doctor could do that carotid-arthery thingie," she says. She thinks that even though Milla thinks he's given up on Justin, he hasn't; he has kept on searching, but in secret. She can't understand how it will all work out, since David is remarried and has children with his new wife, but she doesn't even contemplate the possibility that Milla will fall in love with someone else.

I do wonder if she'll like the real story, once she sees it's so different from what she's expecting...


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