Whispers in the Woods, by Helen R. Myers

>> Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I make a point to read books that sound unique, especially when it comes to series books. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but they are always interesting. Whispers in the Woods, by Helen R. Myers sounded intriguing. I'd read another Myers before, Final Stand, which hadn't been impressive, but this one seemed pretty different from that one.

Deep in the forest . . .

The deserted estate in remote northwestern Maine might have seemed foreboding, but it would be a refuge for Paloma St. John. There, she would be alone with her only friends -- the gentle animals she'd rescued from her own uncle's cruel scientific experiments.

But Paloma wasn't alone. There was a presence in the woods beyond the compound gates, a presence that reached into her mind, invaded her every thought, left her trembling with fear . . . and something more. Passion.

Was he protector -- or predator? Savage or savior? Whispers in her thoughts and dreams courted her in another realm, while the voice of her heart beckoned him forward. And so Paloma waited, with longing -- and with dread . . .
Well, while Whispers in the Wood was different, both from Final Stand and from other books, it didn't really work all that well for me, especially as a romance. My grade would be a C+, with points given for originality and daring.

This was a very unique telling of the Beauty and the Beast theme, one that I usually enjoy. What was so unique about it was that Myers took the concept of the beast much further than other authors do. I'm not going to explain exactly what I mean by this, just know that the hero is not your usual former rake with a scar on his face.

However, while I admired what Myers was trying to do, I didn't really enjoy the story very much. My main problem was the very melodramatic tone of the whole thing. Well done melodrama can be fun, but this was really bad, self-important melodrama. I also wasn't able to connect with the heroine, Paloma, who was a bit too pure and innocent for me.

Reading Whispers in the Woods was an interesting experience, but not particularly fulfilling.


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