True Colors, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Friday, January 07, 2005

True Colors was one of the books in Jayne Ann Krentz's backlist that I most enjoyed reading, once I started collecting them.

After his sister gets bilked by an apparently respectable businessman, Cade Santerre offers to help the authorities catch him. He does this by posing as a wealthy playboy and becoming friendly with him and his family. Jamie Garland is working as assistant to the con man's sister, and she and Cade fall in love.

All hell breaks loose, however, when the authorities move in to arrest the man, exposing the deception the morning after Jamie and Cade's first night together, and before he can tell her the truth. Cade doesn't think this has anything to do with their relationship, but Jamie feels used and has other ideas.
I adored True Colors when I first read it (see my comments here), but I wasn't that crazy about it this time. Yes, the grovelling is good, and Jamie does put Cade through the wringer, but I saw her as a bit too sweet and innocent this time. I think I would change the A- grade that I gave it back then for a B.


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