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>> Thursday, June 30, 2005

I don't really feel like writing much today, so I thought I'd post some pictures. Pictures of books, of course! I think if you click on them they should get big enough for you to actually read some titles ;-)

Nora, Elizabeth Peters, Sayers, etc

These is a corner of some bigger shelves, the part dedicated to romance novels. It's mostly Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Peters, Dorothy Sayers (right there, in the bottom right-hand corner), Agatha Christie, plus some odds and ends.

Entire bookshelf

And this is the entire bookshelf shown in the first pic. Lots of old stuff in Spanish in the parts not already shown.

Entire bookshelf

Entire bookshelf

Entire bookshelf

These are biggest bookshelves I've got. Books are stacked two-deep here, so there are twice as many books as you can see there. The second pic is from another angle, so you can see a part that wasn't shown in the first photo, and the third was taken with the photographer (me, that is) standing further away.

The guy sitting there's my brother, Juan, BTW. I told him "Unless you want to show up in my blog, move out of the frame". He didn't.

Oh, and another BTW: part of my TBR is there, behind the doors below the rest of the books. I meant to take these photos with the doors open, but I forgot.

Entire bookshelf

And speaking of TBR piles, here's the rest of it. Top and bottom shelves. There are two more rows of books behind them (these are very deep shelves), but only the ones right in front are TBR. Behind them I have Julia Quinn, Mary Jo Putney, Deborah Simmons and lots of series romance.

The middle row holds my Trade list.

Entire bookshelf

More books here. Miscellaneous stuff in Spanish on the top shelf. My Emilio Salgari collection in the middle shelf. Romance in the bottom shelf... mostly Mary Balogh, Lorraine Heath and Judith McNaught.

Entire bookshelf

Finally, here are my Jayne Ann Krentz books, in my bedroom shelves. My fanatism is even worse than it looks like here: I've got even more books by her. Some are in my TBR, and my Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle books are elsewhere.


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