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>> Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I borrowed a big pile of books from a friend, anything that sounded interesting, so I'd like some feedback on the following titles. I'd appreciate as many details as possible, thanks! (And if I sound unenthusiastic about some of them, well, there's a reason I haven't borrowed these before. Most books that I actively wanted to read I already borrowed months ago!)

First, I need help deciding between two books by Karen Marie Moning: Kiss of the Highlander and The Highlander's Touch.

I'm not a fan of time-travels and I'm not a fan of what most romance novels authors do with Scottish heroes, so I ordinarily wouldn't touch these, but I already know Moning will be one of the authors chosen as author of the month in one of my groups, so, as long as I have to read one of hers, I'd rather read the one I'm more likely to enjoy.

KOTH sounds a bit better, at least from the AAR review, but it seems to have the heroine going back in time after meeting the hero in the present and having to convince him that she's from the future and that, oh, yes, they were in love back (forward?) then. My absolutely least favourite TT contrivance, that one. On the other hand, THT doesn't sound good, either, and the heroine seems to be of the dreaded feisty variety!

So, any opinion from people who've actually read these?

On to the other books:

  • Bouquet of Babies, an anthology with stories by Linda Howard, Paula Detmer Riggs and Stella Bagwell. Babies in romance = yuck for me, usually, but I do want to give Linda Howard's story (The Way Home) a shot. Should I even bother with the other two stories? The one by PDR is Family by Fate and Bagwell's is Baby on the Doorstep.

  • Another anthology: Blossoms, which has 5 Trad Regency short stories. No info to be found about it, at least online. I'm definitely reading the Mary Balogh story (The Forbidden Daffodils, but how about the other 4? One of the authors is unknown to me (Margaret Evans Porter), while I read a very meh contemp from Karen Harper and short stories from Patricia Rice and Patricia Oliver in another Regency antho, A Wedding Bouquet. The Rice was also meh, and I detested the Oliver.

  • And the last one: a Christmas anthology from Arabesque: Something to Celebrate. I haven't tried any of the authors yet. They are Felicia Mason, Margie Walker and Brenda Jackson. The book has been reviewed at AAR, and the Walker and Jackson stories seem interesting.

  • Roses for Harriet a Trad by Patricia Oliver. As I said above, I hated the one Oliver short story I did read, and though my friend told me she'd liked this one very much, I'm a bit doubtful.

  • Yours Until Dawn, by Teresa Medeiros. I'm probably reading this one. I'm not a fan of Medeiros, but the plot sounds intriguing.

  • Two Balogh Regencies: An Unacceptable Offer and The Christmas Bride. These two I really do want to read, but any comments are welcome.

  • Light of Day, by Ruth Wind. Another one I can't find any info on.
So, can anyone help?


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