I'm doing the happy book dance...

>> Sunday, November 13, 2005

...because my latest M-Bag has arrived, so it's like early Christmas at my house! Two huge boxes full of lovely, wonderful books. I spent hours and hours just looking at them, reading the blurbs, sorting them in different orders and generally deciding which to read first, definitely not an easy choice.

It was hard, but I'm finally going with Balogh's Simply Unforgettable. The ones that were top contenders are all in a smaller pile on my bedside table, though, so I'll have to make yet another tough choice when I finish the Balogh (pretty soon, at the rate I'm going with it!).

In that pile, so that you get an idea of what was in that box:

And you know what I noticed? I'm much more excited about the contemps, the chick-lits, the non-romances and the paranormals than about the historical romances (only one in the list above, for instance). Weird, historicals were my first love!


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