Hi from the outskirts of Tokyo!

>> Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi everyone! At last some sign of life from me! Sorry, things have been crazy this first week. Plus, I was having trouble downloading my photos, so I had nothing to show you! :-(

Anyway, I'm staying at the JICA centre in Hachioji, a small city about an hour by train from the centre of Tokyo. During the week, I have class most of the day, plus Japanese class on the evenings, so other than taking a walk to the commercial centre of Hachioji (no mean feat, since the place we're staying is way up on really steep hills), I'm not able to explore much.

On the weekends, though, I'm free, so I'll be able to visit lots of places. This past weekend we did a Tokyo city tour on Saturday and on Sunday we went to Akihabara, which is where lots and lots of electronics stores are located... and I bought a laptop! I don't yet know what I'll do next weekend. Maybe a day trip to Yokohama, or to Shinjuku (some things, like visiting Ginza, I have to wait to do until next weekend, cause I promised one of the girls here I'd go with her and she's busy next weekend), I don't know. Nalini Singh sent me some great recs, some of which I've already followed, as you will see in the photos.

Oh, speaking of the photos! I've created a blog to upload the pictures. I tried to find a site that would let me upload them with comments underneath, but I didn't find any, so I just created another blog. It's at http://rosarioentokyo.blogspot.com/, and I've already uploaded a lot of pics from the first week. I'm afraid I wrote the captions in Spanish, but I'm sure you'll all be able to catch the gist of them!

Ok, bye for now! I'll post again when I upload more photos... probably next week, unless something really interesting happens this week! ;-)


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