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>> Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I was tagged by Marg to do this one. I loved it, it made me remember some books I hadn't thought of in quite a while. I suspect there might be some rereading coming up! ;-)

One Book....That Changed Your Life

I don't know if I'd really say "changed my life", but a book that changed my outlook about some important things was La Casa de los Espíritus (The House of the Spirits), by Isabel Allende. At the time I read it, I had never given the recent history of my country much thought... I was more or less content with what my parents had told me. After reading this book, however, I was inspired to examine things more critically (House of Spirits is set in Chile, but there are certain marked parallels between recent Chilean and Uruguayan history).

One Book....That You've Read More Than Once

Oh, so many of them! I'm a great rereader, so most books I've liked, I've reread. Reread most times? Hmm, I think that might be an old Barbara Michaels paranormal, Ammie, Come Home. That's my golden standard when it comes to ghost stories, and a huge comfort read, even if some parts are pretty chilling!

One Book....That You'd Want on a Desert Island

I think I'd take Shining Through, by Susan Isaacs. Not only it's an amazing story, I adore the language, the way Isaacs puts things, so I can reread it and reread it.

One Book....That Made You Laugh

Anything by Bill Bryson. The man has a sense of humour that just cracks me up.

One Book....That Made You Cry

I mentioned it above already, The House of the Spirits. The final sections especially, I was sobbing my heart out. And I'm not usually a crier, at least not with fiction.

One Book....That You Wish Had Been Written

Some of the fantasies that go through my mind at night when I'm in bed ;-)

One Book....That You Wish Had Never Been Written

Marg had an EXCELLENT answer for this! I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, too, but like she is, I'm just sick of the hype and the imitations!

One Book....That You Are Currently Reading

As always, I'm not reading just one. The one that has my full attention right now is The Night Drifter, by Susan Carroll. I'm also trying to finish Heart Vs. Humbug, by M.J. Rodgers and French Quarter, by Lacey Alexander. The first one, especially, has been quite a chore to read. I've been at it for a couple of weeks now.

One Book....You've Been Meaning to Read

I think the book I'm always meaning to try but never get to is the very famous Outlander. To be honest, it's not one I'd normally be too interested in (time travel, 18th c. Scotland, etc), but so many people love it so much, that it's sure to be at least interesting. Plus, it's one of those books that it seems you need to read in order to be able to consider yourself a romance reader, lol!

Now, who to tag? Oh, man, I've no idea who's done it and who hasn't! I guess I'll have to say "anyone who wants to share" and leave it at that!


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