Maili's In My Bag meme

>> Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No photo (camera's broken), but here goes: Maili's In My Bag meme.

  • Obviously, books: Two of them, the one I'm reading (Spellbound, by Kathleen Nance) and one (Whispers of the Night, by Lydia Joyce) for María Inés, who'll be picking it up later today from my office.

  • Wallet: Containing typical stuff (money, ID, credit cards, driver's license), plus my lucky football ticket from the last Nacional-Peñarol derby and a free pass for the movies, which I got last week when there was a blackout when I was at the movie theatre watching Transamerica and I missed the last 30 minutes.

  • Cell phone: Very old model, need to change it. This one doesn't even send text messages.

  • Compact mirror: with chokin (sp?) image of the Golden Pavillion on the lid

  • Business cards: in a little metal card holder

  • Extra tampon: just in case!

  • Pens: 2 of them, Bic brand

  • Newspaper clippings: One Sudoku, one crossword puzzle. In case I need to wait somewhere and I finish my book ;-)

  • Print-out of World Cup schedule: with the corresponding Japan time for each match, and with all results filled in

  • Sachet containing powdered green tea: which I should drink before it breaks open and covers my whole bag in green tea

  • Reading glasses: only to rest my eyesight when I'm at the computer

  • Old envelope: on which I've written some notes for my next Romancing the Blog column

  • Sports eyeshade: Blue, which I sometimes need to use when I'm at work on my computer. We've got BIG windows, and the light gets a bit too bright here

  • Pills: Dolo-Octirona (for headache and cramps) and Diaformina (antihiperglucemic).

  • Small datebook: very bad quality, the spine broke, so I need to keep it closed with an elastic band. But damned if I will copy all my phone numbers in November!

  • Small zippered bag: containing manicure stuff (nail file, nail cutters, small scissors, etc), a flash drive, ear plugs and a couple of pens

  • Sunglasses: in a metal case

  • Keys: Home, car (my mom's; I don't have one) and desk drawer at work. Love the keychain: it's a reproduction of the keychain at the Peta Palace in Istambul, from the room in which Agatha Christie stayed.

  • Lipbalm

  • Mint chewing gum

  • Paper tissues: a little plastic packet of them, plus *blushing* three used ones ;-)

What can I say, I have a huge bag!

So, anyone else up to doing some listing?


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