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>> Friday, January 18, 2008

One full month without blogging. God, how I've missed it!

Right after my last post was my birthday, on December 13th. I haven't celebrated in years, but this was The Big Three-Oh, after all, so it deserved to be noticed. So... huge party the following day, Friday the 14th, at my friend Cit's place. So huge (and wild *g*) that I spent a big part of Saturday helping Cit clean up. The rest of Saturday I spent packing, because Sunday morning I left for....


I spent three days there, doing touristy stuff (and freezing my ass off; first time I've felt real cold since I got here, in fact). By the time those three days were over, I was really glad to travel to Liverpool, to catch a flight to....

Sunny, wonderful Portugal!

I went to visit the equally sunny and wonderful Ana, and I had a fantastic time. Ana took me to visit EVERYWHERE (photos coming up on my photoblog soon, now that I have time), and I spent Christmas with her and her family, who are just as lovely as she is.

I wish I could have stayed longer than the measly one week I was there, but duty was calling. Duty in the name of exams, that is. Since December 27th I've been pretty much locked up in my room studying, and I thought it would never end. But it did, earlier today (Econometric Theory, bleargh!), and I'm finally free! So coming up... book posts again!


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