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>> Saturday, March 08, 2008

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4 Jobs I've Had

1) Tour guide for cruise ship passengers arriving at Montevideo
2) Content editor for a financial services dot.com (which went spectacularly bust not long after I left... coincidence?? *g*)
3) Product manager at a bank (I detest marketing, never again!)
4) Economist at the Ministry of Industry

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over

1) No Retreat, No Surrender (inexplicably addicted)
2) Cenerentola '80
3) Forrest Gump
4) The Three Caballeros (not for a while, but as a child, I watched that video until the tape was worn to shreds).

4 Places I've Lived

1) Montevideo, Uruguay
2) Punta del Este, Uruguay (I used to spend all three months of summer there when I was a child, and I still spend my holidays there these days)
3) Tokyo, Japan (well, only two months, but I hope it counts, because it's all I've got!)
4) Nottingham, England

4 Shows I Watch

I don't own a TV right now, so I don't watch any shows at all.

4 Places I've Been:

1) Kyoto, Japan
2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
3) Mafra, Portugal (hi, Ana!! *waves*)
4) Bath, England

4 Things I Love to Eat

1) Hummous and tabbouleh on pita bread
2) Grilled salmon on a cous-cous bed
3) Pasta asciutta with puttanesca sauce (Sainsbury's puttanesca is yummy).
4) White choc-chip cookies from Millie's Cookies (sinful!)

4 Places I'd Rather Be

1) Montevideo, Uruguay (just for a few days, to see my family)
2) Prague, Czech republic
3) Edinburgh (not too long to go, I'll be there in about 2 weeks)
4) Stockholm, Sweden (well, not right now, but maybe sometime during the summer? There are cheap flights right from East Midlands Airport).

Things I Look Forward to

1) Seeing my family (including the cats!) again
2) Having my dissertation done. I'm dreading it.
3) My upcoming Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin trip
4) My next A+ book, whatever it may be.

Now, who to tag? I think everyone's done it already! I just invite anyone who hasn't to give it a try, then.


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