June 2013 wish list

>> Friday, May 31, 2013

Not too many this month, but a couple I really, really want to read.

Books I'm definitely planning to get

Frozen, by Meljean Brook (sometime in June)

It was a lovely surprise to get to the end of Fire and Frost, the anthology released in late May, and finding an excerpt from this novella, to be released in June. It seems to be a stand-alone, rather than part of one of Brook's series, but I don't particularly care what it is, I'll be buying it!

Heart of Obsidian, by Nalini Singh (Jun 4)

The romance in the last book I read wasn't great, and I haven’t heard great things about that in the next one, so I haven’t read it yet. I'm really interested in the Big Picture storyline, though, so I'm thinking I’ll skip Tangle of Need, armed with some spoilers Brie was kind enough to give me.

Flirting With Disaster, by Ruthie Knox (Jun 10)

I've only read the initial short story in this series, but it’s one I'm definitely planning to read. I really like Knox's voice and stories.

A Woman Entangled, by Cecilia Grant (Jun 25)

I loved Cecilia Grant's first two books that much that I'd buy this one without even looking at the back cover or reviews. I have looked at the story description, though, and it sounds pretty damn good!

The Heiress Effect, by Courtney Milan (by Jul 14)

I know almost nothing about this one, just that it's the next in a series I'm loving by one of my favourite authors. It doesn't yet have a description or a firm release date, just that it'll come out “no later than July 14th”. On the off chance it'll come out a bit earlier than that, I'm including it in this month's wish list.

Books that interest me and I'll keep an eye on

The Moon and More, by Sarah Dessen (Jun 4)

This seems to be kind of on the line between YA and NA (it takes place in summer before the heroine goes off to university). I’ve been meaning to try Dessen, and this sounds interesting.

Hubble Bubble, by Jane Lovering (Jun 7)

I added this because the author posted in this month’s Dear Author open post and her voice made me smile. Apocalyptic weather in Yorkshire, sarcastic Welsh journalists... yup, I’m in.

Rush, by Eve Silver (Jun 11)

This sounds a bit Hunger Games-esque, what with it being about teens forced to play a game which is actually a fight to the death. Could be very good, could be a derivative rip-off. I’ll keep an eye on reviews, but I’m very interested.

Dark Maiden, by Lindsay Townsend (Jun 13)

A medieval with a black exorcist heroine. The writing in the blurb is a bit off-putting, but I’ll hope it hasn’t been written by the author and download the sample.

Hot Summer Night, by Ros Clarke (Jun 17)

The blurb is not one that particularly tempts me, but this is one author I’ve been meaning to try.

Her Last Breath, by Linda Castillo (Jun 18)

I read some of Castillo’s Romantic Suspense titles a few years ago and thought they were really good (I was going to say I ‘enjoyed’ them, but they’re so dark that this doesn’t really sound like the right word). This one’s part of a series where the heroine is a former Amish woman who’s returned to her old community as a detective.

The Au Pair Affair, by Bonnie Dee (Jun 18)

One of the protagonists is a Hollywood producer who’s just come out and is newly divorced, the other is his kids’ nanny. This sounds like quite a sweet romance, from the description.


Nathalie T 2 June 2013 at 21:24  

I really enjoy these lists and I have a list on my computer with books I want to read. Right now I have so many books to read that I've decided that I have to read two books from my TBR - pile before I buy a new book. The TBR -pile won't get smaller so fast but at least it won't grow.

Rosario 3 June 2013 at 06:46  

That is a really good plan, a sort of 1 step back, 2 steps forward. I try to control myself, but when I see one of the books on my wish list on sale, I can't resist.

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