February 2014 wish list

>> Thursday, January 30, 2014

February doesn't look particularly bank-breaking, and neither was January.

Books I'm definitely planning to get

Do Or Die, by Suzanne Brockmann (Feb 4)

I have huge issues with some of Brockmann’s setups (especially when she has groups who take care of US Government business in covert, non-regulated ways, as she seems to have here). However, her voice works for me in a huge way, so I will be reading this.

Concealed in Death, by JD Robb (Feb 18)

I haven´t even read what this one´s about. Robb is still an autobuy for me. I know a lot of people have got a bit sick of this series, but surprisingly, I haven´t. At all. It´s not hugely exciting any longer, but it´s comfortable and like sinking into a hot bath.

Books that interest me and I'll keep an eye on

The Party Girl, by Tamara Morgan (Feb 3)

There’s all sorts of elements that interest me here. The heroine being a party girl, her Indian background, the possibility that it plays with the idea of women being somehow ‘property’ of any guy who fancies them (the hero’s friend is apparently in love with the heroine). On the negative side, the woman on the cover does not look particularly Indian. What’s up with that, Carina Press?

Jaded, by Anne Calhoun (Feb 4)

I've heard lots of great things about Anne Calhoun´s books, so I might try this one. The plot sounds sort of average, but we´ll see.

Yours Forever, by Farrah Rochon (Feb 18)

I've liked the previous Rochon books that I've read, and I like the sound of this one. Investigations into secrets of the distant past are one of my favourite plots.

Where Evil Waits, by Kate Brady (Feb 25)

I've been meaning to try Kate Brady again. The plot of this one wouldnt necessarily attract me on its own, so I’ll check out some reviews before deciding whether to buy.


Alyssa 4 February 2014 at 16:24  

The Party Girl looked interesting to me, so I picked it up. :)

Darlynne,  7 February 2014 at 16:46  

Welcome back. I'm just back, too, and saw that you read Talking to the Dead, but terrified to ask what you thought. Break it to me gently.

Rosario 8 February 2014 at 07:22  

Alyssa: Oh, nice, do let me know if it's any good!

Darlynne: Thanks! Hahah, well, I don't think I loved it quite as much as you did, but I liked it very much. :)

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