December 2015 wish list

>> Monday, November 30, 2015

Not a huge number of books for December, but some really good ones.

Books I'm definitely planning to get

Once Upon a Marquess, by Courtney Milan (Dec 1 8)

First in a new series by one of my favourite authors. It's been about to come out for a while now, but the (I hope) final timing works quite well for me, as I've got a long flight on the 10th. What is it about? I don't care; I'm buying it!

Secret Sisters, by Jayne Ann Krentz (Dec 8)

JAK is the author I just can't quit. Her latest books have been a bit better (no more Arcane Society, yay!), but still have the preposterously over-complicated suspense subplots. I'm hoping that will get better as well, so I'm probably going to read this one.

Her Every Wish by Courtney Milan (Dec 15)

Short story in the new series. It sounds like fun.

Dukes Prefer Blondes, by Loretta Chase (Dec 29)

I haven't read all the books in the Dressmakers' series, as I found them a bit too improbable. This is part of that series, but it seems to move a little bit away from that original premise, so I'll give it a shot.

Books that interest me and I'll keep an eye on

Clockwork Samurai by Jeannie Lin (Dec 1)

Lin's writing hasn't clicked with me in the past, but her books sound so amazing that I will try her again. This one seems to be steampunk set in China and Japan in the 19th century. How could I resist?

Shelter Me by Shelley Ann Clark (Dec 29)

This one features a heroine who's a recovering addict and a hero who knew her before, when she was, as the blurb puts it, "a hot mess". It sounds good.


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