March 2016 wish list

>> Sunday, February 28, 2016

I thought there weren't many books I was interested in coming out in March, but once I started looking around, I started finding more and more.

Books I'm definitely planning to get

Kindred Spirits, by Rainbow Rowell (Mar 3)

This short story has been written specially for World Book Day. It's about a young woman queuing to see the new Star Wars movie, and it sounds really fun.

Marked in the Flesh, by Anne Bishop (Mar 8)

I still haven't read the third book in this series, but I liked the first two very much. Funny, though: from reading the description of this one it sounds like things haven't moved forward much!

The Marriage of Mary Russell, by Laurie R. King (Mar 15)

I really like this series about Sherlock Holmes in his retirement and his relationship with the young scholar and feminist Mary Russell. This is a short story that goes back to the time of their wedding.

Because of Miss Bridgerton, by Julia Quinn (Mar 29)

I've sort of gone off Julia Quinn with her latest books, but she's one of those authors I have a teeny bit of trouble completely giving up (due to nostalgia, I guess!). This one actually sounds pretty nice. I have a weakness for romances where the hero is the stick-in-the-mud member of a group.

Books that interest me and I'll keep an eye on

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours, by Helen Oyeyemi (Mar 8)

Short story collection by an author I've heard great things about.

Us, by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy (Mar 8)

This one's about a gay couple, one of whom is a hockey player who feels he needs to hide the relationship. I'm not a huge New Adult fan, but I like the odd one.

Never Sweeter, by Charlotte Stein (Mar 22)

I'm increasingly going off Stein's writing style, but there's still something I like about her books. This one's about a young woman and the guy who used to be her tormentor all through high school.

Jane Steele, by Lyndsay Faye (Mar 22)

A "Gothic retelling of Jane Eyre", with Jane as a serial killer who targets men who abuse women. Not sure it's my thing, but I might give it a try.

Six Degrees of Scandal, by Caroline Linden (Mar 29)

Not sure what it is about this one that makes me want to give it a try. Possibly it's just that I've liked this author in the past and haven't read her for a while.


Angiegirl 29 February 2016 at 16:28  

I'm definitely going to be checking out Jane Steele and Us.

Wendy 29 February 2016 at 17:03  

Re: Stein - yeah, her writing style is...different. I can roll with it - but what I like best about her books is that she seems to really "get" erotic romance. It's not just an endless parade of kink and fetishes and there's usually honest-to-goodness passion in her stories.

I'm going to probably try Jane Steele on audio. I was obsessed with Faye's Timothy Wilde trilogy (LOVED IT!!!) - but I'm generally pretty iffy on these adaptation/retelling-style books.

Rosario 5 March 2016 at 11:22  

Angiegirl: I'm hearing even more positive things about Jane Steele as release day comes closer, so I think I will be trying that one as well.

Wendy: That's exactly what I like about her books. The erotic comes from the intensity of the feelings, not from what acts are taking place. I've almost given up on Erotic Romance because so many authors go for the second approach, but Stein is the one author I still go for. The writing, though, is getting a bit too much for me. I LOVED it in Restraint, but in the last book I read I found it distanced me. I think it's how she's got long paragraphs in between each bit of dialogue. I kept getting lost and forgetting what on earth they were talking about.

I think I've picked up the first in that trilogy of Fye's after seeing it on your blog. Maybe I'll read that first!

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