The Private Eye, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Another Jayne Ann Krentz this weekend: The Private Eye

Josh January--A burned-out, beat-up rogue of a private eye. His last case had nearly killed him ....

Maggie Gladstone--The vibrant, sexy innkeeper who'd read too many detective novels . . . and wanted badly to believe in heroes.

Shrewdly. Josh agreed to investigate the strange goings-on at Maggie's charming bed and breakfast. The case would be a cinch--no heroics necessary. Josh could concentrate on important things like rest, recovery... and seducing tawny-haired Maggie.

He was dead wrong--about the case and about sweet Maggie. If Josh didn't start playing the hero, he'd pay a very high price.
The Private Eye is a 1991 release, from the time when JAK was writing most of my favourite single titles. This one's nice and enjoyable, but nothing all that special. A B.

It's a bit of a cozy mystery, this one, with a world-weary detective who is experiencing burn-out and who finds what he desperately needs when he goes to the inn to investigate what's going on: Maggie and a family. *sigh* I've no idea why I'm such a sucker for this storyline ;-)

I liked both main characters, especially Josh, who was one of those lonely, needy JAK heroes I like so much. Maggie was JAK's trademark cheerful, perky heroines, nothing I haven't read from this author before. They were nice together.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters, the people who were living permanently at the inn and were Maggie's surrogate family. They made for some moments of good comedy.

As for the suspense subplot, it was more a mystery than anything else, and it was itneresting. The villain was much too obvious, but oh, well.


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