Poirot Investigates, by Agatha Christie

>> Thursday, February 05, 2004

Poirot Investigates, by Agatha Christie, is a collection of 11 Poirot stories.

The Adventure of the Western Star - Poirot foils a jewel robbery. Pretty average story.

The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor - Poirot is commissioned by an insurance company to find out if a man who was found dead only with blood inside his mouth was natural death. Truly ingenious, with some very entertaining methods of detection. Probably my favourite of the lot.

The Adventure of the Cheap Flat - Poirot's gets interested in why two of Hasting's friends were able to get an expensive flat so cheap. A bit too improbable and far-fetched for my taste.

The Mystery of the Hunter’s Lodge - Poirot is called to investigate a murder by the nephew of the deceased. Very ingenious and interesting.

The Million Dollar Bond Robbery - The bonds in question disappear on a ship on its way to New York, and Poirot's help is requested by the man who was in charge of them. A bit obvious, really, but entertaining.

The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb - Probably the 10th story I've ever read featuring the curse of an ancient Egyptian pharao. Not bad, but not the best of them, either, though Poirot suffering in the desert was fun!

The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan - A pearl necklace disappears from a room which the owner's companion and the hotel maid swear neither left for more than 10 seconds. Good story.

The Kidnapped Prime Minister - Exactly what the title says. Poirot is asked by the government to find him in 24 hours, before an ever-important conference. Excellent.

The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim - Another favourite. A financier disappears, and Poirot bets his Scotland Yard friend Japp that he can find him in less than a week. Intriguing.

The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman - Poirot is visiting a doctor friend when a call is received from a patient, an Italian nobleman, asking for help because he's been attacked. Interesting.

The Case of the Missing Will - The would-be heiress asks for Poirot's help in finding the will in question. A bit obvious, too, but nice.

This was a pretty even collection. No stinkers and no gems: all nice, entertaining stories, some better than others, but all good. A B.


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