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>> Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kristie started it. I've actually only read 31 2005 titles (they take time to get here, unless I pay to have them couriered), so I thought I probably wouldn't get to 10 picks, but it seems the 2005 books I've read have been just wonderful, because I did, and I even had to add 3 honourable mentions. I added the link to my review for the ones that have already been reviewed, but a couple haven't, because I've just finished them. In no particular order:

His Secondhand Wife, by Cheryl St. John: A very sweet and tender Western, a genre I'm not usually a fan of, but I loved it here. The very tortured hero is to-die-for.

Black Rose, by Nora Roberts: I'm absolutely loving this trilogy. I especially appreciated the more mature hero and heroine in this particular title. I can't wait for Red Lily to get here!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling: What can I say? I'm a huge fan of the HP series, and this book didn't disappoint.

Mr. Impossible, by Loretta Chase: Fun, fun, fun! Loretta Chase's beautiful writing + a wonderful hero and heroine + lovely Egyptian setting.

Simply Unforgettable, by Mary Balogh: After Slightly Dangerous, I was expecting a bit of a dip, but SU was almost as good.

The Veil of Night, by Lydia Joyce: What a wonderful discovery Lydia Joyce was! Her books are deep, lush, intense and complicated, and utterly fresh. I loved this gothic-tinged, almost claustrophobic and very romantic story.

The Music of the Night, by Lydia Joyce: As good as TVON. Characters who are just as complicated, a story just as romantic and fresh, plus a Victorial Venice setting. Wonderful!

Midnight Angel, by Lisa Marie Rice: Another great discovery, and the first author I've read who was first published in ebook form. I love how she combines steamy sex with tenderness. This one is my favourite by her, and I've now read her entire backlist!

Hot Target, by Suzanne Brockmann: I definitely haven't yet tired of Brockmann. This one has a very solid romance and suspense plot, and I just adored Jules' secondary storyline.

Crossing the Line, by Stephanie Vaughan: My first all-gay romance, and it was wonderful. Hot and tender and passionate, I loved it!

Honourable mentions:

Jigsaw, by Kathleen Nance: Smart techno-thriller, with a lot of AI I enjoyed almost as much as the romance.

Dedication, by Janet Mullany: Not a perfect book, but it shows lots of promise. Probably the most different Trad Regency I've ever read.

What a Woman Needs, by Caroline Linden: Another one with more mature than usual characters. Wonderfully sensual.


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