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>> Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can't resist. Only one cat post, and then I'll be back to our regularly scheduled program, ok? ;-)

Here they are, my babies. That's Sami on the left, a siamese girl, 9 years old; then Camila in the middle, also siamese, 2 years old (though she was younger there. She's bigger now) and to the right, O'Neill, 11 years old, and he's, according to my mom, a Cacri (callejero criollo - creole street cat, basically. Nothing pedigreed about him!).

And another one, taken about the same time. At least here O'Neill isn't terrorising Sami. He's been chasing her around all day long lately.

Let's start with the eldest. O'Neill (named for my favourite football player at the time he arrived, Fabian O'Neill) very definitely isn't a scaredy-cat. He doesn't mind photos at all. Not a shy bone in his body. When we brought him home he weighed about 150 grams (that's like, about a third of a pound?), now he's some 12 kg, all of it muscle.

Sami is the sweetest, most cuddly one of the three. She'll spend hours and hours sleeping on my lap, or sprawled on my chest (when she leans the side of her face on my breast I just melt). She especially likes sitting on my back while I'm reading belly-down on the bed, or walking around and throwing herself ON the book I'm reading, just to get my attention.

And this is the nuttiest cat I've ever known, Camila. She doesn't walk, she bounces, usually doing crazy "wah-wah-wah" noises. She's not much of a cuddler with us, but she adores curling up next, over or under the other cats. She keeps Sami fit by chasing her around and she keeps O'Neill from getting too smug by fearlessly confronting him, even though he must be 5 times her size.


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