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>> Thursday, September 28, 2006

Would any kind soul who has both Elizabeth Adler's Peach and a scanner do me the HUGE favour of scanning a few pages for me? Or rather, for my mom.

See, mom is a huge fan of Adler and wants to reread Peach. Her original copy got wet when our roof developed a leak a few years ago and we had to throw it out, so I bought her a replacement at amazon marketplace. Well, the damn new (used) copy arrived yesterday, and it's missing the first 16 pages!

Soooo, I'd really appreciate it if someone could scan the few pages we're missing. It wouldn't really be all 16, because you can read the first 6 at amazon.com in their look inside feature. Thank you so much!

PS - We got the original edition. Page 17 starts with "Supplying drugs, women -anything he can put a price on- to those who need them", and around the middle of the page another scene starts: "Leonie could never enter Monsieur's house without a flicker of fear....


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