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>> Monday, June 04, 2007

From guest blogger Arielle, a tale I can very much identify with.

Friday, when I came home from work, I found a notice from the post office asking me to pick up a "tied package". I thought for a minute it might have been from Ro herself, but then again, she would have warned me beforehand [Rosario: I would, I would. And I'll be sending something out later this week, so here's your warning]. So I was intrigued (and amused by the mix of creole and french the postman had used to express the nature of the package, LOL). Here's a pic of what I got.

Since it was to late to go pick it up that same afternoon, I put it on my to-do list for Monday, first thing. I wasn't enthousiastic about it because we're into the rainy/hurracany season and the Post office is a "little to the left" as they say here, so it wasn't going to be fun...or clean for that matter.

I went to the post office at 8 A.M. and was handed this package. Four - yes, 4 - envelopes of books waiting for me. But the date are what really floored me. I'd forgotten about half these books.

So, here's the list:

  • package # 1, postmarked March 10th, 2006 :

    Medeiros, Teresa : A Kiss to Remember, The Bride and The Beast (both HC, autographed)

    Comments : I had to check my inbox. I'd won them as the Grand Prize on TM's site. I was also happy to see included a postcard of the now defunct SquawkRadio ladies in their chicken outfits. Must be a collector's item already, LOL!

  • package # 2, postmarked Feb 4th, 2006:

    Grant, Susan : Contact
    JAK: Absolutely, Positively
    Barnett, Jill : Carried Away

    Comments : This was a trade with Cindy and I thought I had lost them forever so she replaced them for me with another set of three. When I emailed her about this, she tought it was "just too funny".

  • package # 3, postmarked Dec 16th, 2005:

    Caskie, Kathryn : Rules of Engagement
    D'Alessandro, Jacquie : Love and the Single Heiress

    Comments : Now this is the really interesting one since it was posted by Susana from *Miami*. Worse, neither she nor I even remembered what the trade was, LOL! There was even a Christmas card inside...

  • package #4, postmarked Feb 22, 2006:

    Rogers, Annie : Dream Across Time

    Comments : I discovered this author via a flash ad at AAR and there was a contest. I won...and promptly forgot. I might just have to review this one here. What do you think?

Well, there you have it. My mail, delivered...finally!!! I can't stop grinning like a fool, it's so... inefficiently funny. I've lost packages before but this is absolutely the first time I've ever received mail so late. Still, it couldn't have come at a better time. My TBR pile was dwindling so I'm looking forward to reading all those books.

What about you guys, anything similar ever happen to you?


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