Five years ago today...

>> Sunday, August 26, 2007

Five years ago today, I posted my first entry in this blog. I wish I'd made it a bit more scintillating, but it was just:

"My first post! I'll be back as soon as I figure out what I'm doing."

Boring as hell. Later that day, I posted my first book review, a D, I'm afraid, for Thirty Nights, by JoAnn Ross. Since then, I've posted over a thousand other reviews, most of them fortunately better than my first.

At first I used to post a mix of reviews and more personal stuff. Over the years, the personal stuff melted away, and these days I'm posting pretty much only reviews. There's still a lot of me in here, but only as it affects how I feel about a certain book.

In these five years these reviews have definitely gotten longer, more detailed and, I hope, better in their analysis. They have been posted in templates that changed as I got bored and became fuller and fuller of bells and whistles!

Back when I started the blog, the romance blogosphere was tiny. I kept searching and searching for more reader blogs, but the only one I could find was LLB's and then Wendy's.

And then one day the whole romance blog scene seemed to explode, and it's not just that there are now hundreds of different voices out there; we became a community, one I love being a part of. Blogging has allowed me to get in touch with many kindred souls and to make some excellent friends all over the world.

This fifth anniversary of my blog seems like a good time to make a few changes. Oh, I'm not giving up blogging, doing reviews or bloghopping --I enjoy it all way too much to stop!

However, this next year will be one of huge personal changes for me. As many of you know already, I will be leaving for England on September 17th, and I will be there for a year, attending grad school. So... I won't have time to read nearly as much as I read now (not for pleasure, at least!), and I won't be able to spend so much time doing the reviews of what I do manage to read (and whatever it takes, I will make time to read a few romances).

Starting soon, then, don't be surprised if my reviews start getting shorter and a bit more infrequent. Expect more miscellaneous posts, and expect lots and lots of photos of my trip (though those will probably be posted on a special blog I've created for that purpose, and which you can see here. I'm already posting some pics of all the goodbyes!).

Anyway, however it turns out, I hope you all find it interesting enough to keep visiting! :-)


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