Krugman on e-books

>> Friday, June 06, 2008

I <3 Paul Krugman and have been reading his columns in the NY Times for years. Today's is on e-books:

Now, e-books have been the coming, but somehow not yet arrived, thing for a very long time. (There’s an old Brazilian joke: “Brazil is the country of the future — and always will be.” E-books have been like that.) But we may finally have reached the point at which e-books are about to become a widely used alternative to paper and ink.

That’s certainly my impression after a couple of months’ experience with the device feeding the buzz, the Amazon Kindle.
Read the whole thing here (registration required, I think).

He doesn't really say anything we haven't talked about extensively, but I'm finding it interesting that he considered the issue relevant enough for a column.


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