Final Stand, by Helen R. Myers

>> Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Finally, I decided to read Helen R. Myers' Final Stand. I was in the mood for some romantic suspense, so this will probably do well enough. So far I've read about 100 pages and it looks promising.


"For two terror-filled days, Las Vegas cop Sasha Mills has been on the run. Now, in a remote stretch of southwest Texas, she is compelled to take a chance in a town called Bitters.
But her timing couldn't be worse. As the only stranger in town, she becomes the prime suspect in an arson investigation -- thrusting her into a spotlight that could cost her her life.

Because deadly danger is in fast pursuit. An international crime ring has targeted her as one of two loose ends to tie up. They need Sasha silenced. Then tragedy strikes, and running is no longer an option for this tough lady cop.

It's time for payback.
It's time to make a final stand. For justice.
For family. For love. "
Posted later...

I'm 200 pages into Final Stand and I like it, though I really don't get why Sasha stays in Bitters. Frank doesn't seem like that much of a threat to me, just an idiot redneck, and if her plan was to hide from the Russian mafia, how much harder would it have been to hide from Frank too? Ok, I'll just have to do my suspension of disbelief thing.

The dialogue is nice. These people are terribly witty! ;-)

And posted later yet...

I finished Final Stand, and I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would at the beginning. As I've mentioned, I had some problems with Sasha's logic in staying in Bitters, but that would have been ok, I guess. I was ready to suspend disbelief.

However, in the end, I had too many problems, and the witty dialogue wasn't enough for me to like this. In fact, the banter seemed a little out of place in this story (I'd love to see this author write a Regency, though!). What bothered me here? I hated the town of Bitters, its people especially (Frank, ugh!). The action sequences were badly narrated; I barely knew what the hell was going on. I did not connect with Sasha and Gray as a couple. The villain was boring and a bit nonsensical. Not good. A grade of C+, and this goes into my trade list.

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