Edge of the Moon, by Rebecca York

>> Thursday, February 26, 2004

Yesterday I tried Edge of the Moon, by new-to-me author Rebecca York. It's a sequel to Killing Moon, which I haven't read.

Kathryn Reynolds is beginning to have a very bad feeling about the disappearance of her tenant and friend, Heather DeYoung. Tracking a number of people gone missing, detective Jack Thornton is sent to interview Kathryn.

When Jack and Kathryn meet, both experience a strange jolt. What neither realizes is that people and events are being manipulated around them. A dangerous magician named Simon Gwynn is attempting to perform a ceremony that will enslave a demon from another dimension. The demon, Ayindral, has no intention of allowing this to happen and will do whatever's necessary to save itself. Suddenly Jack and Kathryn are at the center of an inter-dimensional war whose outcome could be disastrous for mankind.
This was actually quite a lackluster book, but the weirdness of the plot made me enjoy it more than I would have otherwise. A B-.

As I said, the plot was very entertaining. A demon in danger of being chained and enslaved by an evil magician, astral projections and assorted paranormal events had me turning pages like crazy. It wasn't perfect, and there were some holes (I mean, why would a being that existed in a realm ungraspable by man have a name?), but on the whole, I liked it.

The romance was not good at all. Jack and Kathryn didn't really have much chemistry together, and I didn't buy their love story. I couldn't get rid of the feeling that what they felt for each other wasn't real, but something created by Ayindral.

Luckily the plot was good enough to carry the book.


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