Hot Zone, by Patricia Rosemoor

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I've already read one of Patricia Rosemoor's Blaze books, and I liked it quite well, so I decided to read another one: Hot Zone.

Helen Rhodes is ready to take on upstart Luke De Vries and his trendy new coffee place, Hot Zone. So what if Hot Zone offers steaming java, even steamier hot tubs and a sizzling massage or two for customers? Helen's Cybercafé is the coolest thing in this quirky Chicago neighbourhood, and she plans to keept it that way!

Luke is intrigued -and very aroused- by his sizzling blond business rival. He just wants to make peace with Helen, make her cappuccinos every morning... and make love to her every night. Simple? Not exactly. Much more than java is heating up between these two people. It's very tasty... very addictive. And neithe ris calling it quits!
Not bad. A B-.

Best thing about this book: it was HOT. The author has a way with love scenes and with playful foreplay, I noticed that in Sheer Pleasure. Also, her love scenes are not gratuitous bonk-fests, but serve to further the characters feelings for each other, which is the best reason to actually have a love scene in a book, as far as I'm concerned.

Other nice things: a strong, independent heroine in charge of her sexuality, and who also had a real life outside of the hero, including some good friends and a good relationship with her mother.

Worst thing about this book: The whole "fall in love and get married" thing felt much too hurried. I didn't completely buy it.

Other bad things: The suspense subplot was pretty lame.


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