Best of the Best

>> Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I just updated my menu bar with links to what I consider the best of the best... the 22 books I've rated A+ since I started blogging back in August 2002. It was interesting to reread those reviews. Some books I don't really remember as being so amazing as to get an A+ (He Shall Thunder in the Sky, for instance), but I guess I thought so at the time. And there are other books I was so sure I'd rated A+, but when I checked, I hadn't (say, Laura Kinsale's For My Lady's Heart... I can't believe there are no Kinsales there! I gave 3 of hers As, but no A+s).

I also noticed some of those reviews very definitely don't do those books justice. The one for Trust Me, for instance, is laughable. My posts have very definitely got longer and longer!


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