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>> Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I've been tagged by Renée (might have been tagged by someone else, too, but I haven't been bloghopping much lately... my sister's wedding's on Saturday and I've been swamped this week!)

Four jobs you have had in your life:

The last 4:

Tour guide for English-speaking cruises arriving to Montevideo
Business analyst at an internet company which folded when the internet bubble burst
Product manager at a bank
Economist at the Ministery of Industry

Four movies you would watch over and over:

Four movies I have actually watched over and over:

Monster's Ball
No Retreat, No Surrender
Notting Hill
Dawn of the Dead

Four places you have lived:

Can't do this one, as I've lived all my life in Montevideo. I can't even come up with 4 different addresses in Montevideo!

Four TV shows you love to watch:

Changing Rooms
Narda Lepes' cooking show

Four places you have been on vacation:

Outside Uruguay:

Buenos Aires
Brazilian Northeast (place a bit south of Porto Galinhas)
Iguazú Falls (Brazil - Argentina - Paraguay border)

Four websites you visit daily:

All About Romance
Mrs. Giggles

Four of your favorite foods:

Hummus and Tabbouleh on pita bread
Pasta sciutta with hot red sauce with chopped black olives (and some grated parmesan on top)
Molleja (sweetbread -only part of the cow that I eat) - grilled crispy with lemon juice and mandioca flour
Grilled salmon with a nice green salad.

Four places you would rather be right now:

Home in bed (we had a bachelorette's party for my sister last night)
Punta del Este

Four friends you are tagging that you think will respond:

It seems to me everyone's already been tagged! (I'm late, as usual)


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