October 2013 wish list

>> Sunday, September 29, 2013

Right, let's get back into it. Here's what I'm looking at for next month:

Books I'm definitely planning to get

Unbound, by Cara McKenna (Oct 15)

I adored McKenna's previous, After Hours, so I have high hopes for her next. From the description, it doesn't sound quite as unique as AH, but if done well, a heroine who's lost a serious amount of weight could be really interesting.

Dark Witch, by Nora Roberts (Oct 29)

This sounds like Roberts is going back to the sort of trilogies she was writing in the early 2000s, such the Gallaghers, or Three Sisters Island. Not sure how that will work out... I like Roberts' paranormals, but not so much when she goes all Irish mystical.

In Love With a Wicked Man, by Liz Carlyle (Oct 29)

Carlyle's latest have been disappointing, but it sounds from the description of this one that she has moved away from all the paranormal secret society crap. It also sounds a little bit like one of my favourite of hers, her first, My False Heart... a 'wicked' man and a heroine who falls in love with him without knowing his identity. I'm looking forward to it.

Books that interest me and I'll keep an eye on

Possession, by JR Ward (Oct 1)

I'm behind with this series, but I'll probably catch up with it at some point. Actually, I'm also behind with the BDB. I really need to be in the right mood to read one of Ward's books.

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell (Oct 1)

I enjoy Gladwell's books. I find them thought-provoking enough to cope with his sometimes annoying voice (it's fine at the beginning, but it gets old really fast). This one is about "how we think about obstacles and disadvantages".

Running Back, by Allison Parr (Oct 21)

I still need to review Parr's previous NA book, Rush Me, but I quite liked it, enough to be interested in this novella. It sounds like it's along the same lines: pro athlete hero, brainy heroine (in this case, an archeology grad student). I just hope she's not as dismissive and snobbish as the previous heroine.

Wild Child, by Molly O’ Keefe (Oct 29)

If anyone can make this plot palatable (hero trying to run the 'scandalous' heroine out of town because he's trying to attract this nausating-sounding 'wholesome' business to it), then it's Molly O'Keefe.

The Sum of All Kisses, by Julia Quinn (Oct 29)

I haven't read a Julia Quinn for a while, must try one soon. This one sounds interesting, with protagonists who don't like each other (for what sounds like very good reasons) and are forced to spend time together.


lakaribane 30 September 2013 at 01:16  

So glad to see your list. I had only the McKenna (After Hours was intense!!!) on the one I am trying to put together for the last trimester of 2013. I miss My Little Book Garden so much! Where can one find a comprehensive release list these days???

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Liz Carlyle is out of that paranormal vibe. Hope she goes pack to her earlier writing quality/intensity (she and Karen Ranney, both!) And you turned me to O'Keefe, IIRC, so looking forward to that. Not sure about Julia Quinn, not feeling her since the Bridgertons.

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