>> Friday, September 12, 2003

Last week, the questions at both Friday Five and Las Cinco del Viernes were boring, so I skipped them. This week we compensate, with interesting questions at both sites.

First, Las Cinco del Viernes:

1) Where were you and what were you doing on September 11th 2001? How did you find out about the attacks?

I was at work at my former job, in a bank. Someone had been listening to the news on the radio, and said "Two planes have flown into the World Trade Centre!" My first thought was that he was refering to the Montevideo World Trade Centre, which is very near my house, but then he clarified that it was the one in New York. And then one of the secretaries received a phone call from her sister in Washington DC, to tell her about the attack on the Pentagon. After that it was clear to everyone that what had happened wasn't just a freak accident.

With my coworkers we immediately started looking for a TV set, to see what was going on, but the only ones in the building were only used for video, so they had no antennae, which meant we couldn't see a thing. We all ended up listening to radios, and that's how I heard of everything else that happened... the towers' collapse, the other plane that crashed... and rumours, lots of rumours. There were 15 more hijacked planes flying around, there had been bomb blasts in Washington (State Department, if I remember correctly), the Japanese Red Brigades had claimed responsability... all kinds of things.

I only saw the horrific images at lunchtime, on the TV at the restaurant.

2) Where were you and what were you doing on August 31st 1997? How did you find out Lady Di had died?

At home, watching CNN. I saw an early report that she'd been in an accident, but was recovering. The impression was that it had been only slightly more than a fender-bender, so I didn't pay much attention to the news. A couple of hours later came a report that she'd died.

3) Where were you and what were you doing on November 22nd 1963? How did you find out about the JFK assassination?

I hadn't been born yet.

4) Where were you and what were you doing on May 13th 1981? How did you find out the Pope had been shot?

I was 3 and a half years old. I do have a couple of memories from that time, but that's not one of them.

5) Where were you and what were you doing on July 20th 1969? How did you hear about the first man on the moon?

Hadn't been born yet, either.


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