New-to-me authors of 2003... so far

>> Thursday, October 02, 2003

I posted at AAR about the authors I've discovered so far in 2003. Though most of them weren't by any means new or debut authors, I discovered a grand total of 42 new-to-me authors this year. The results varied. (Any of these you want to know more details about: go to my index of reads to find the link to that particual book)

Some hits:

Breathless, by Laura Lee Guhrke: a lovely setting, characters I liked and who grew during the book and yummy sexual tension.

Sensual Secrets, by Jo Leigh: Leigh is one of the few authors who writes 20something heroines who feel right.

The Shadowy Horses, by Susanna Kearsley: For some reason, this author's writing just hits the right spot with me. I love her characters, and the way her settings feel so real.

Midnight is a Lonely Place, by Barbara Erskine: This is not romance, it's more like supernatural horror. It was chilling and fascinating.

The Vagabond Knight, by Margaret Moore (short story in the The Brides of Christmas anthology): I loved the hero, a guy who hid the fact that his life was tough and he was unhappy behind a façade of good humour. The story wasn't perfect; basically, it was too short and felt rushed, but I liked what I read enough to go looking for Moore's backlist.

The Forbidden Lord, by Sabrina Jeffries: very much a typical Regency-set historical, but the author made everything feel fresh and exciting.

My Brother Michael, by Mary Stewart: A nice trip to the past.

Forbidden Garden, by Tracy Fobes: A B-movie set in the 19th century, with a nice romance included.

Shards of Honor, by Lois McMaster Bujold: My first sci-fi. The romance was good, too.

Final Exit, by Laurie Breton: Good, very solid book. The suspense subplot was especially well done.

Once a Dreamer, by Candice Hern: I just adored the hero, a real 19th century feminist.

Duchess in Love, by Eloisa James: Loved the authors writing style. I was more interested in one of the secondary romances than on the protagonists, but the book was a success for me.


Dangerous, by Debra Dier: TSTL heroine and a suspense subplot that didn't go well with the humorous tone of the rest of the book.

Not Abigail!, by Suzanne Forster (short story in the Hot Chocolate anthology): Horrible. Forced humour and a hero who didn't need a woman but a mommy who'd take care of him.

My One and Only, by MacKenzie Taylor: This one wasn't really that horrible, but it was terribly disappointing. It started pretty well, but the romance fell flat.

The Edge of Heaven, by Teresa Hill: I especially hated the second half of this one.

Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes, by Luanne Jones: Veeery boring, and characters who felt like cartoon drawings.

Gabriel West: Still the One, by Fiona Brand: Very boring suspense subplot that completely overwhelmed the romance. Plus, it was obviously part of a series and there were people I was supposed to know but didn't popping up all over the place.

Take Me, by Cherry Adair: It's still early, but with Two Sexy! (more below), this one's in the running for the "Worst book I've read this year" award. I found it offensive and the characters disgusting.

Two Sexy!, by Stephanie Bond: Horrible. I'm tired of reading stuff that demonizes women who aren't some nurturing, motherly ideal. The hero here was a self-righteous prig, and the heroine was a TSTL martyr.

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