Green Fire, by Stephanie James (aka Jayne Ann Krentz)

>> Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I'm trying to make them last, but this weekend I succumbed to temptation and read Green Fire, byJayne Anne Krentz (written as Stephanie James).

Flint Cottrell had been driven all his life by a restlessness that didn't allow any peace. He chased legends and treasures, wrote about them, sold his stories to magazines when he could, did odd jobs when he couldn't. But the night Rani Garroway opened her door, he knew he'd found that elusive "something" he'd been searching for.

Rani stared at the handsome, thoroughly rain-soaked stranger, who looked like a battle-scarred alley cat demanding shelter. As his exotic green eyes locked with hers, she realized that he could set her safe, risk-free life on fire--green fire--and the flames were already licking at her heart.
A nice read, one with several elements from The Adventurer. It had several problems, but I'd still give it a B.

"...looked like a battle-scarred alley cat demanding shelter". I love that description. From that phrase alone on the back cover, I would have bought the book even if it hadn't been a JAK. It signaled that I was going to get something I always enjoy in a JAK book, a hero who really needs the heroine. And I did. Flint had a desperate sense that Rani was what he'd been looking for all his life, and that's simply something that touches a chord with me.

Unfortunately, about half-way through the dynamics of the situation were abruptly reversed. Rani was hesitant, until then, not really wanting to get involved, but suddenly she's madly in love and telling Flint that. And he, who'd been ready to make a permanent commitment, keeps quiet. It made absolutely no sense, and it was very obviously done only to generate some conflict.

The obligatory suspense subplot was completely extraneous, and I saw it coming a mile away, only because I knew the book had to have some gun-wielding villain. Since there just weren't all that many characters, it was also obvious who the villain had to be.

Still, I enjoyed this, in spite of the problems I found.

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