2006 Reading Year in Review - Part 2: Rereads

>> Wednesday, January 03, 2007

After posting yesterday about how much I read in total, today I'm going to talk about those books which were rereads.

I've always been a big rereader, especially with romance novels. For me, romance isn't about the destination, but about getting there, and if it was a journey I enjoyed, I like to take it again and again. I especially like doing that when real life gets complicated. As I said last year when I posted about this very subject, whenever I'm tired, sad, stressed out, very busy, I tend to grab for my comfort books and reread and reread.

I also mentioned that the number I have in my mind is that about 30% of what I read is rereads, and in 2005, the number was pretty close to that, though in earlier years, it had fluctuated, going from a high of 36% in 2003 to a low of 23% in 2004.

2001 - 28%
2002 - 29%
2003 - 36%
2004 - 23%
2005 - 32%

In 2006, however, it was the lowest it's ever been since I started keeping a record: 17%. This weird reading year is breaking all my trends, LOL!

As to why this was, I suspect getting my Ebookwise early this year made all the difference. Suddenly, many new releases were easily, immediately available, plus I could now comfortably read all those ebooks I'd bought because they sounded so good, but then didn't read because reading on the computer screen is just so damned awkward!

Percentages varied in different months, as you can see in the following graph:

The month with the least rereads was February, with no rereads at all. That was a combination of things, including the fact that in late January I got both an M-Bag full of new books and my Ebookwise, so in February I was overflowing with new books I wanted to read. And also, January, February and March are the summer months here, months in which work is slower and less stressful. It's said that we Uruguayans commit such excesses in December that we have to rest from them until after Easter week, and there's a bit of truth in that. *g*

The month with most rereads was December, the very month of the excesses, and since it was full of them for me this year, it's no wonder fully half of what I read was rereads!

Coming up tomorrow: Grades


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