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>> Thursday, January 04, 2007

I was tagged by Ana to do this, and since I think I did it already a few years back, I'm going to tweak it a bit. This being a reading journal, I'm going to do "Five reading-related things no one knows about me", ok?

  1. Before I start a book, I select a bookmark for it, very carefully. I try to match the colouring of the cover, and the mood of the book. Only very special books merit my favourite 8-year-old (and looking it!) amazon.com bookmark that came with my very first online purchase.

  2. My favourite position to read in is flat on my stomach.

  3. I once burned a book. It was an erotica title I had picked up at random. It turned out to be mostly about this guy torturing two women he'd captured, and this wasn't a BDSM thing at all, since the women didn't give their consent, and didn't get any enjoyment out of this guy's actions (not that this would have made me like it any better, but maybe I wouldn't have burned it). It left me feeling so unclean I tore it to pieces and burned it in the barbecue.

  4. When my sister and I first started reading romance, we'd tear out the cheesy half-naked guy stepbacks. I don't do that anymore, but only because I might later want to trade the book!

  5. Speaking of my sister, I can't resist posting this one, even if it's not really about me. She and her best friend B (who also borrows my romance novels, even to this day), once named one of B's horses Dominic, after the hero of Kat Martin's Gypsy Lord. I recently found that book again inside a box I'd forgotten all about, and I gave it to B as a gift.
I'm tagging Katharina to do it next, and of course, anyone else who feels like sharing their own :-)


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