>> Monday, June 02, 2003

I'm in a VERY good mood. Nacional completely outplayed Peñarol yesterday!

The stadium was completely full... 65.000 people. We had to get there about 2 hours early to get a good place. Luckily, there was a "preliminar" game between the youth teams of Nacional and Peñarol, which ended Nacional 5 - Peñarol 0, so we weren't too bored ;-)

When the teams entered the pitch it was really incredible, especially because every Nacional fan had brought a roll of toilet paper to throw when the Peñarol players entered (simbolizing that they were so scared they were crapping in their pants, or something like that). It must have been thought up by TP makers!

The first 25 minutes were all Nacional. Abreu scored on the 18th minutes (inspiring chants of "los clavó, el Loco los clavó!") with a beautiful header and then 3 minutes later he started a counter-attack, running the entire pitch with the ball and giving it to Peralta, who dribbled past a couple of Peñarol defenders and scored again.

On minute 26, penalty for Peñarol. Bengoechea took it, and it was record vs record. Nacional keeper Munua was trying for the record of the most minutes without receiving goals, and if Bengoechea scored, he would have the record of the Peñarol player who scored the most goals against Nacional. He scored :-( It seems we fans were really looking forward to Munua getting a new record, since someone the mood after that was more appropriate for a team that was receiving a thrashing than for one ahead by one goal.

For the rest of the first half, Nacional looked a bit depressed, and Munua had to save a couple of Peñarol attempts. They looked better in the second half, dominating the game and scoring (Abreu again!) on the 30th minute. The remaining 15 minutes were just celebration.

With this game, both Abreu and Peralta have scored in every Clásico they've played. This was probably "el Loco"'s last match in Nacional this season, since the AUF is very likely to suspend his abilitation next week, and he said goodbye to a standing ovation from over 30.000 fans.

There are only 3 games left and Nacional is 9 points ahead of Peñarol, who are # 2 in the standings. Just one more point and we're the Champions. Now I'm wondering if I should go to Punta del Este next weekend, as I was planning or just stay here, go to the stadium and (hopefully) celebrate the championship and then Sunday night play "comments chat" with Hermione and Guada.


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