The Golden Chance, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Monday, December 23, 2002

Ok, now that's done, I've read a lot since the last time I posted, but was too lazy to update this. So, I'll have a monumental task today!

My first read was a JAK, The Golden Chance. I'm going through my JAK shelf, and I have very few of her books left to reread. Luckily, my friend Anne has sent me a box full of books, including many JAKs. It'll be arriving in February at the latest, so I'll have them when I go on vacation late that month.

Plot summary:

"Stunning, stubborn, and independent, Philadelphia Fox lost the best friend she ever had because of the fabulously rich and powerful Lightfoot family of Washington state. Now she's got her friend's controlling shares in Lightfoot Industries -- an inheritance that brings Nick, the family's prodigal and extremely attractive son, knocking at her door.

The last thing Phila expects is to fall in love -- but the spark that ignites their quick wits and suspicious hearts soon blazes into an extraordinary passion. In Nick's arms, Phila finds the deepest satisfaction she has ever known, but behind his gray eyes lurks a disturbing enigma. P> Lost in the confusion of her own feelings, wary of her own passionate abandon, Phila faces the choice of her life. Love has never come easily for her...and if she wants it now she must believe not only in Nick, but in his formidable family as well...for this golden chance will never come again.

This was a good one, A- No villains, just the way I like it, and lots of family dynamics. JAK doesn't make the mistake of writting the protagonists' adversaries as one-dimensional evil. They are extreme right politically, but they are educable. Or they are out to sink the company, but they have some valid reasons to want revenge. Or they fuck everything that moves and wears a skirt, but they are charming. I like this about her. And speaking of secondary characters, I really liked the "marriage - in - trouble" subplot. Really sweet.

Phila and Nick are a nice fit. Phila is a bit more foolish than most JAK heroines, but she's cute (nice cute, not ugh! cute). Nick is just the type of guy she needs, and she's the type of woman who'll be perfect for him. Plus, I loved the ending.

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