>> Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I'm afraid I'll open with a rant today. Sorry!!

My mom had a witch come to my house to "rid it of bad vibes" as she called it. She does it every now and then, because she believes it helps our family do well, by flooding the house with positive energy and blocking bad vibes and envy.

We are doing pretty well right now, so I asked her why we needed this. Her answer: we are doing well precisely because this woman, Cata's spells are protecting us. Right. I have a job I love, but not because I'm a good economist; the fact that my father's practice is flourishing has nothing to do with his being a great lawyer, and if my sister just got a job at the best law firm in the country, well, it isn't because she's a genius and has the best grades in her class. Oh no, it's because Cata came to our house last year and burnt some sticks of incense while chanting around the house. Yeah, well, pardon the expression, but bullshit!

It shouldn't bother me, right? If I don't believe this does any good, then I shouldn't believe it does any harm either, so why complain? Well, simply because while I think it's innocuous, we are paying good money for this fake to do her stuff.Yeah, yeah, I'm cheap and it's my parents' money anyway and they have a right to do whatever they want with it, but you know what? I hate to see them being taken advantage of. Plus, there's a little bit of envy here, I must admit. What this woman charges for a half hour performance is a seventh of my monthly paycheck, and as I've said, mine is a good job. That hurts my pride, really. To add insult to injury, I had to lend my mother the $ to pay her this morning, since she had less cash than she had thought in her wallet.


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