A Dangerous Love, by Sabrina Jeffries

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I've read another Sabrina Jeffries, A Dangerous Love, first in the Swanlea Spinsters trilogy, which has apparently turned into a quartet. A little OT, but Jeffries has such bland titles! The Forbidden Lord, The Dangerous Lord, A Dangerous Love... how is one supposed to tell them apart?

Griffith Knighton has found the perfect way to avoid being trapped into marriage with one of the Earl of Swanlea's daughters: he'll swap identities with his man of affairs during their visit to Swan Park, and be free to search out the hidden document that will prove his legitimacy. After all, Griff is not about to marry some homely spinster just to get it from the earl. But he didn't reckon on the brazen, voluptuous Rosalind, who could tempt even a saint into sinning—and Griff is no saint.

Rosalind balks at the plan to marry her off to her father's wealthy heir—and his man of affairs is even more intolerable! The arrogant man is clearly up to something with all his sneaking about Swan Park, but the sparks that fly when they're together make her wish that he wasn't. He's a bit dangerous and a lot mysterious. Dare she risk her heart on a man whose secrets could destroy her love?

I found it very enjoyable, a solid B.

I liked Griff, and I don't know why everyone thought his plans were so unacceptable (well, Rosalind understood, but didn't approve). Yeah, so he wanted revenge. So what? He had excellent reasons for wanting to destroy the girls' father. I understood and I approved. However, I thought he was a bit childish sometimes, trying to elude his responsability. On the whole, I liked the guy.

I also liked Rosalind very much, especially in her interactions with Griff. She really put him in his place more often than not, and never let him get away with things. Just my type of heroine!

The Helena - Daniel subplot was interesting. You just knew there were things going on there you weren't being told about... probably the best way to make readers want to get their hands on the sequel!

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