The Pirate, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Monday, March 10, 2003

I finished Krentz's Ladies and Legends trilogy this weekend (that is, the first I read in February, but the other 2 I read last weekend). It deals with 3 romance authors who are friends, and who each find love with men who are like their heroes come to life. Book # 1, The Pirate was a B- for me.

Katherine Inskip's life is at a standstill: she is completely overworked, stressed-out and indifferent to love--not a great situation for a romance writer to find herself in. She desperately needs some R&R. A South Seas vacation--complete with sun and surf--sounds perfect. But relaxation is the last thing on the mind of the dashing owner of the island resort, and descendant of South Seas pirates.
The Pirate was nice, light fun, and I loved the idea of pairing a romance novelist with one of her heros. I felt they had very nice chemistry and rapport. I just adored Jared's son David, and the relationship those two had. I even liked David when he was doing his match-making routine, even thought I'm not usually too fond of those "I want you to be my mommy" children in romance. It usually feels manipulative, the author tugging at my heartstrings as hard as she can, but it was ok here.

Apart from that, I did feel that there was nothing too compelling here, though.

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