Joy, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Thursday, March 06, 2003

Joy, an early Jayne Ann Krentz was a B+ for me.

Virginia Middlebrook and A.C. Ryerson had both been burned in painful marriages. Neither had any desire to relive the past-they'd take things slow. A Caribbean trip seemed like the perfect way to test the waters of a new relationship...until A.C. wins a breathtaking emerald bracelet with a mysterious past. Suddenly their days-and nights-become a become a reckless roller coaster of adventure, desire...and deadly peril.
Just before I started this book, I was talking with a friend who told me she only likes to read about heros who are larger than life and very exciting. No reality in her romance novels, thank you very much. Me, I have no such requirementes. I'm perfectly happy to read about two sensible, solid, even a little dull people falling in love. This book proves this can be done without writing a boring story.

Ryerson and Virginia's relationship develops veeery slowly for a romance novel (even slow for real life relationships). They become friends, very good friends, before they become lovers. The word that best describes what they have is "comfortable", but of course, there is some excitement here. I loved reading a mature relationship for a change.

The adventurous elements were provided by a suspense subplot, a diamond and emeral necklace they win and which brings no end of trouble. Luckily, this part of the plot was mainly in the background, and we got to concentrate on Ryerson and Ginny most of the time.

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