To Tame the Hunter, by Jayne Ann Krentz

>> Thursday, March 20, 2003

I'll finish writing about my weekend reads. Considering this is Thursday, it looks like I've completely ignored my journal this week!

On Saturday I read Jayne Ann Krentz's To Tame The Hunter

.Selena Caldwell manages a artist's shop and York Sutherland runs his own corporation. The two seem to be from opposite ends of the spectrum, but are they more a like than they think? A chance meeting at a party, whereSelena is the girlfriend of York's chief rival. A mutual passion erupts, but is it business or love for York? Will these two dynamic personalities find each other and if so who will be the first to surrender?
I enjoyed this one, but it was not particularly memorable. A B- for me.

This was a pretty typical early 1980s JAK book. As in most of her series books, the story starts in the middle of a situation already established. Selena and York have already met, and he's already started to chase her, trying to get her away from her boyfriend, his business rival. York manages to get her to break up with Richard and begin a relationship with him early in the story, so the conflict is mainly that Selena isn't really sure if York wants her or he wants to use her as a way to punish Richard. Pretty standard early JAK, as I've said, forced seductions and all.

I really liked Selena. She's a competent, gutsy woman, and though I didn't really understand her insistence on getting York to give up his plans for revenge, I admired how she went about doing it.

There were a few things I didn't like much. I just hate it when there's no hero POV in the story. The guy ends up being too much of a mystery for me. The best scene in this book, IMO, was the lone scene where JAK managed to show us how York was feeling, his desperation at thinking he hadn't succeeded in getting Selena to love him and that she was running away from him.

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