>> Saturday, November 02, 2002

Finished Mercy, and I enjoyed some parts and hated others. The final grade would be a C+.

The two elements that bother me the most about Julie Garwood's historicals were present here, but were less intense. Her hyper-simplistic style continued to bother me, but maybe because of the contemporary setting, it sounded less out of place and I could tolerate it. The idiotic heroine was a bit more problematic, basically because her episodes of idiocy alternated with episodes of bright intelligence. The woman was a surgeon, for heaven's sake! She's usually extremely capable and smart, but in most of her interactions with Theo I wanted to throw the book against the wall. She becomes 15! Luckily, this improves as the book continues, so ok, I could finish it.

Theo, on the other hand, was really nice. My favourite kind of hero. I especially loved his scenes with Noah and with John Paul. Really funny stuff. He does become a bit to much of a warrior in the final action scenes, which wasn't very realistic (for once, I'd like to read about a hero who doesn't have much physical courage!), but in balance, he was great.

I didn't enjoy the suspense subplot. I was very, very bored by all the stuff about the Sowing Club. It sounded too contrived to me. Near the end, I actually skimmed through the final action sequences. And Monk... I don't see the fascination with him. As I said, all very boring. The only bright spot related to this was the final scene, when John realizes what's happening. That was an excellent ending: suggestive and very appropriate.

Finally, though I liked the swamp as a setting, I hated the parasitic, manipulative people of Bowen. They were users, as was Michelle's dad.

All in all, though Mercy was readable, I don't think I'll try Garwood again. I've given her historical's a chance and no luck. I've given her contemps a chance and no luck either. I give up!


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