>> Monday, November 18, 2002

No posting this last weekend, I was too busy napping and reading. I also went to work very early Friday morning, so I was home by 2 PM. Ergo: long weekend!!

The first I finished was Sweet Starfire. It was a B+. This wasn't really a book with a villain (the only possible villain is dispatched without much trouble halfway through, but an adventure book. I usually prefer character driven books, but I do enjoy adventure books (Suzanne Brockmann's, or Laura Leone's great Fever Dreams, for instance).

As always in JAK's books, the world the book is set on is fascinating, and the characters are very well done. Teague is the perfect gamma hero, and I loved the way Cidra discovers exactly what she's capable of. I can't stop thinking, though, that I'd love to live like a Harmonic... all that serenity and peace... yeah, I'm boring. ;-)

This is also a great road romance. Cidra and Teague are together pretty much all the time, so the romance is strongly developed. There is a separation in the end, but the reader doesn't see it, so it didn't bother me much.


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